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1 15 December 2017 TBA


Season 1 (2017–present)


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1 1 Nick Boy's House Makeover December 2017
Nick Boy shows all his friends his house, and they liked it. A few minutes later, Nick Boy was late for work. He ran to work. Charla made a fantastic idea to impress Nick Boy. They gave his house a makeover
2 2 Cinema Ruiner December 2017
When Nick Boy and his friends went inside the cinema, Katy was here. You know, the mean girl? Katy was talk too much. Breeze told Katy to stop but she wouldn't stop. It caused Nick Boy and his friend, including Katy to get kicked out of the theatre. Everyone was upset, Thanks to Katy. Nick Boy had an idea to fix this issue.
3 3 Julie Makes a Movie December 2017
Julie saw Logana's favorite movie but Julie didn't like it due to fewer girl in the movie. Logana explain to Julie that there's a lot of movies for boys. inspired by Breeze, she want Julie to make her own animated movie. But, it wasn't easy because making an animated movie takes a long time. But it cause them to make it in 2 weeks because Lucy sent the invitation to people that it will be screened in 2 week.

Note: This episode is similar to an Arthur episode called "The Agent of Change"

4 4 Breeze and Nick Boy Sitting on a Tree December 2017
Katy made fun of Breeze and Nick Boy because she thought they are in love. People were laughing at them. Breeze told everyone that they are not in love, but best friends. Will Nick Boy and Breeze prove to people that they are not in love or will they become a laughing stock for the rest of their lives?
5 5 The Poster December 2017
Logana got a cool band poster. But Ahmed wanted the poster. So Logana gave it to him. But it keep on getting pass down. Is that poster ever worth it?
6 6 Where in the World is Saania December 2017
Oh no, Saania is missing. After Saania disappeared, Charla's feeling got crushed. Who could have stole her? Arizona!!?! The case was led by Nick Boy.
7 7 Prize for a Girl December 2017
Today will be a contest. A invention contest. Kaitlyn wanted to invent a cool object. But, it hard. There is one thing for here to do. Brainstorm.
8 8 A Unlikely Daze December 2017
Another boring day in StoneTown. Make that a hot day. There is nothing to do but sit, sit and, said it again, SIT! Logana have a delightful idea to beat the heat. But is he right after all?
9 9 TBA
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15 15 TBA